Introducing MEF’s Zero Waste Academy

After 13 long years of conducting trainings and seminars on solid waste management and delivering talks and lectures on other environmental issues and concerns in and out of the country, MEF is proud to present its new brainchild, the Zero Waste Academy: Mother Earth Foundation’s focused approach to popularize Zero Waste and mainstream Environmental Education.

The Zero Waste Academy, MEF’s training program
beginning 2012, has three (3) major components:
1) Certificate Courses for Local Government Executives, Schools and ESWM educators;
2) Teacher Training on Environmental Education; and
3) Issue-based Workshops.

The Teacher Training, as part of our Environmental Education program, involves Project Water Education for Teachers (Project WET) and Project Learning Tree (PLT). Project WET is a US-based, non-profit water education program for educators and young people and can be found in all US States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico and the Philippines. The learning process through environmental education is focused on the engagement of the learners through exploration, investigation, and hands-on activities. It takes the learners to a journey that encourages them how to think and not what to think. Project Learning Tree, on the other hand, is an award-winning international module that has been brought to the Philippines five years ago as a guide for educators to bring the forest into the minds of the youth, making them understand and appreciate the environment they are responsible for. MEF is currently the lead agency in implementing both Project WET and PLT in the Philippines.

Finally, the Issue-Based Workshops focus on specific environment-related issues and concerns ranging from global warming and climate change to safe food, toxics, and waste-to-energy technologies.

Be among the first graduates of the Philippines’ firstever Zero Waste Academy!

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