MEF celebrates Earth Day with Museo Pambata

More than 50 children from Manila attended the annual Earth Day celebration in Museo Pambata last April 20, 2012. Various fun learning sessions were prepared and conducted to advocate the care, preservation and conservation of Mother Earth in a language that children understand.

Before the small group creative sessions, all participants gathered for a plenary that usually guides and introduces the special celebration and the respective actions of people and groups from the field of environmental protection and conservation.  In 2010 and 2011, an expert on whale sharks and a butterfly farmer, respectively, led the plenary sessions of the last two Earth Day celebrations.

For this year, Museo Pambata wanted to feature a new role model to the children in the person of Mr. Froilan Grate, or Kuya Froi to the kids.

“It was probably the best Earth Day celebration for me, to be with these kids and to be able to share something with them; it was special!” Kuya Froi said after the event.